Halloween in Auckland

Halloween in my hometown, Auckland, New Zealand means groups of children in costume roaming the local streets, knocking on doors saying trick or treat for lollies.

They come out about 4pm until dinner time, about 6.30pm (often accompanied by a parent or older sibling). By then we’ve generally run out of mini chocolate bars to give the kids so we bring in the signs. It’s getting dark then too so it’s a perfect time to end. Also, our dog barks at every person who comes to the door so it’s a noisy evening.

I’ve always enjoyed this as a time to see the local kids out having fun. One of my neighbours (with kids the same age as mine) doesn’t like kids knocking on doors asking for lollies. So they put a sign on their gate politely saying no trick  or treaters please. And that’s all good. The festival is not for them.

Now one of my daughters is 14 she’s too old to go trick or treating. So she’s going to the movies tonight to see Happy Death Day with a friend. Probably a perfect movie for Halloween.

My Halloween tradition is to watch the movie Practical Magic. This movie has terrible critic reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (wow, the critics are really damning about this movie)  https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/practical_magic

but I love this film. Sandra Bullock is one of my favourite actors.

What’s your favourite Halloween tradition?

80 strangers band together

This is the best in human nature. It’s the same impulse I see in children’s playgrounds. Whenever a child cries or is in trouble all the parents, many of them complete strangers, look up ready to rush over to help if needed.


Outside of books, I’ve never heard of a group of people forming a human chain in the sea to save someone before. Whoever thought of the idea on the beach that day saved that family. I love it when humans come together to help others.


Having a pyjamas day

Day three of a cold and the beginning of a long weekend, I spent most of the day in lovely clean pyjamas. I’d always thought Peter Alexander pyjamas looked pretty but were too expensive – until they had a huge sale. Now I understand – they are so cute and comfortable I could live in them. And when I’m sick with a cold – I do live in them, at least on the weekend when I don’t have to go anywhere. (I got back into jeans to drive the kids to the shops in the afternoon then jumped back into pjs).

This is a new thing for me. My family growing up would have been embarrassed to be caught in sleep clothes during the day. How slothful. But the pjs make me feel warm and comfortable. And taking care of myself, I’m sure helps the cold go away faster.