Serving customers is hard

I’ve worked in grocery stores and bookshops serving customers all day. Everyone serving behind the counter has their own story, and their own reason for being there. Everyone deserves respect. Working on your feet all day serving customers is really hard work and tiring. I admire and respect anyone who is able to smile at customers all day.

This is a great article by Nicole Johnson explaining how she felt working at the night checkout at a grocery store:
I Had To Get A Job At The Grocery Store In My Affluent Town. Here’s What I Learned.

Inclusiveness makes the world a better place

Do I have the courage to write about inclusiveness? I believe everyone deserves love and compassion. Everyone is part of the community of being human.
Nikkie’s I’m Coming Out speech where she opens up about being transgender included “we need to accept each other. We need to respect each other and most of all we need to hear and understand each other. ”
Yay, Nikkie.

January 2020

Day 2 of 2020. New start, new year. After my November exams, I have a Graduate Diploma in psychology. A general degree that doesn’t automatically lead to a job – but leads many people to post grad studies like a Masters in Social work.

Image by toffeenatalya from Pixabay 

My part-time job also finished in November (I was employed to get some overseas accounts up to date). I was so grateful to have work that fitted around my studies and paid for my university fees ($950 NZ per paper).

So what now? Right now, I’m not studying or working, which feels weird. I’m planning and hoping to work as a research assistant with my favourite lecturer. I’ll learn more or start, crossed fingers, in February/March.