How an app is making my health better

The Calm app as a lifesaver. Crazy I know.

I breathe really shallowly. Which I didn’t realise until someone on a health retreat showed me this app. Welcome to the World of Calm

I now use this app (the free version) most days just for a minute. After a couple of months, I’m more aware of my shallow breathing and I try to breathe deeper.

Weird thought – when I was shown this app I heard my own voice loudly say in my head “this will save your life” which startled me! It encouraged me to pay attention to the app.

I haven’t had the patience until now to stick with things like positive affirmations. But if I can change my breathing habits with one minute’s practice a day, it makes me think affirmations might actually work.

(I’m not affiliated or getting any payment for mentioning this app. I just think it’s great).

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