One piece of trash a day

Imagine if everyone picks up one piece of rubbish a day. Just one.
I heard about this idea a while ago and loved it. It’s such a small, easy thing to do.

I tend to pick up rubbish when I’m jogging or walking with my dog. I end up with a handful at a time. Luckily there are rubbish bins at bus stops and beaches on my jogging routes. Which makes it easier. I’m not sure how keen I’d be to carry rubbish on my whole run. Yuck.

For more information see:
The Guardian’s article Let’s get rid of litter, one piece at a time
Planet Varner’s The one piece of trash theory
Plastic Free Tuesday’s Save Our Planet: Pick up one piece of litter a day

Sometimes helping the planet is as simple as picking up one piece of rubbish.

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