80 strangers band together

This is the best in human nature. It’s the same impulse I see in children’s playgrounds. Whenever a child cries or is in trouble all the parents, many of them complete strangers, look up ready to rush over to help if needed.


Outside of books, I’ve never heard of a group of people forming a human chain in the sea to save someone before. Whoever thought of the idea on the beach that day saved that family. I love it when humans come together to help others.


Having a pyjamas day

Day three of a cold and the beginning of a long weekend, I spent most of the day in lovely clean pyjamas. I’d always thought Peter Alexander pyjamas looked pretty but were too expensive – until they had a huge sale. Now I understand – they are so cute and comfortable I could live in them. And when I’m sick with a cold – I do live in them, at least on the weekend when I don’t have to go anywhere. (I got back into jeans to drive the kids to the shops in the afternoon then jumped back into pjs).

This is a new thing for me. My family growing up would have been embarrassed to be caught in sleep clothes during the day. How slothful. But the pjs make me feel warm and comfortable. And taking care of myself, I’m sure helps the cold go away faster.

One piece of trash a day

Imagine if everyone picks up one piece of rubbish a day. Just one.
I heard about this idea a while ago and loved it. It’s such a small, easy thing to do.

I tend to pick up rubbish when I’m jogging or walking with my dog. I end up with a handful at a time. Luckily there are rubbish bins at bus stops and beaches on my jogging routes. Which makes it easier. I’m not sure how keen I’d be to carry rubbish on my whole run. Yuck.

For more information see:
The Guardian’s article Let’s get rid of litter, one piece at a time
Planet Varner’s The one piece of trash theory
Plastic Free Tuesday’s Save Our Planet: Pick up one piece of litter a day

Sometimes helping the planet is as simple as picking up one piece of rubbish.

Tawharanui regional park

There’s a beautiful park an hour north of Auckland. It’s a regional park called Tawharanui (Ta-far-a-nu-e). We camp there once a year as a family. There are almost no facilities for campers – just some toilets and taps for water. No kitchen, no showers. But the beaches are beautiful. One year we saw dolphins playing in the surf.

I am not a keen camper at all. I prefer hotels and luxury (if at all possible). But Tawharanui is magical.

The Department of Conservation has more information about this park.

Voting in New Zealand

I just voted in New Zealand’s general election (voting for the ruling party in New Zealand for the next three years).

It’s simple to vote in New Zealand. There are polling stations in every neighborhood and it’s easy to vote in the week leading up to the election. There’s no stress or worries at the polling booths. No one trying to intimidate locals to vote one way. We are fortunate. Every vote counts.
If you’re in NZ, please vote.


Spring in Auckland

September in Auckland has crazy rainy weather. Yesterday, on a 30-minute walk with my Labrador, the grey clouds were followed by cold hard rain, followed by warm sunshine. Followed by …

We got to the car just before the rain started again. But the tulips love it. And blossoms (my favourite flower) have started to appear.

How an app is making my health better

The Calm app as a lifesaver. Crazy I know.

I breathe really shallowly. Which I didn’t realise until someone on a health retreat showed me this app. Welcome to the World of Calm

I now use this app (the free version) most days just for a minute. After a couple of months, I’m more aware of my shallow breathing and I try to breathe deeper.

Weird thought – when I was shown this app I heard my own voice loudly say in my head “this will save your life” which startled me! It encouraged me to pay attention to the app.

I haven’t had the patience until now to stick with things like positive affirmations. But if I can change my breathing habits with one minute’s practice a day, it makes me think affirmations might actually work.

(I’m not affiliated or getting any payment for mentioning this app. I just think it’s great).