What I’ve learned as a mature university student

  • I had to learn how to learn again. And it was hard.
  • I had to be okay with not understanding 13 lectures on stage two maths when I hadn’t studied maths for 25 years. I had to take notes and not worry or panic that I didn’t understand even a third of what the lecture was saying.
  • That I love qualitative research – hearing and making sense of people’s stories.
  • That I will never love but should try to understand quantitative statistics-based research.
  • That each of the five compulsory assignments was like climbing a steep mountain. Each one was different and required cumulative but also different skills every time. I learned so much. And am now grateful.
  • That I could fail terribly out of ignorance but then I would pick myself up, learn from my mistakes and do so much better next time.
  • That’s it’s lonely sitting by myself in the lecture theatre. It’s much better to say hi to the people around me. I’m grateful they kept chatting to me all semester.
  • That taking just one paper/course for the first semester was a really good idea. Next semester it will be two papers. Double the work but I think I’m ready.
  • It’s been great for my brain and my memory.